New Blog Title

This is not words of my own, but of Big Bang.

The new title of my blog (replacing "You'd Better Work Bitch!") is from a Big Bang Song Called Stylish...

I didn't rip it off of anyone else's blog, like I had happen to me...Enjoy it you Amkae!

So this is the reason behind the new blog title.

About Low Volume Media Player

Media Player Present On This Blog!
Volume is set very low so it won't blast you out of your seat.

You also have visible controls to turn the volume up, down or even off if you wish to do so.

I make these available to every visitor, so they are in control of weather they listen to music or not.
I'm a music freak & enjoy listening as well as giving others the gift of music to share.

"Add Me"

Pumping Purple Heart

"Add Me"

Media Player, Layout & More

Media Player On This Blog
There is a media player present on this blog however unlike some bloggers I have the volume set low and you have the ability to filter through the tracks as well as control the volume and set it to your liking weather it be off or full blast the choice is entirely yours since it is your viewing experience and I want my visitors to have choices. I do agree, I HATE blogs that have media players that come on full blast and no option to shut it off or turn it down, which is why I give you the choices.

Blog Layout & Design
As for the layouts on the blog, I tend to design my blog to suit an event that my brand is participating in. The Darkness Chamber Fair is the event that I participate in more often than others so I tend to design my blog to reflect my vision of the theme of the next upcoming theme chosen for the event. TDCF is a Dark Wave, Gothic, Industrial, Diabolical and Underground type of event...If It's Dark you will likely find it here!! 

Graphics And Decorations
I've put decorations on my blog that I feel represent me and who I am as a person. In Second Life we can be anything we want to be regardless of our Real Life selves. I chose to be true to my Real Life self as well as my Second Life self. 

Be Whore Yo Truly Are And Don't Pretend To Be Someone You Aren't To Make Others Like You.
If I have to hide who I am in RL or SL to get along with you then we don't need to mingle. No one should have to suppress who they are to be friends or more with others in an online gaming and social networking platform. Embrace who you are and love you for who you truly are and if others can't accept who you are then you should keep on walking, they will either walk with you or they will walk away from you. I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.

Friendship In Second Life
Make your own judgment on me without someone else's reasons. If you respect me I will respect you, I am loyal and protective of people I care about. 
Communication is the best form of getting through to another person, I ask that you communicate with me verses holding it back then blowing up and taking it out on me then getting all stupid and throwing a childish tantrum. You sit at your desk reading this and wondering what I am talking about, well in a nutshell I have had a "friend" do this to me twice now. I don't care if it is an SL issue or a RL issue TALK TO ME! I am not interested in people getting all crazy and taking their RL or SL bullshit out on me. If you can't talk to me when you have a problem then apparently you and I really aren't friends after all. Consider how you want others to treat you then just think that I would expect the same. Human kindness goes alot further than a mental break down and harsh words. One thing I will put on the table up front and for most....If you say "Fuck You" to me just remember no it's "FUCK YOU" , I don't need this idiotic childish bullshit behavior. I am also very easy on the Mute Button and depending on the nature I am not afraid to AR someone for being an abusive, bully or any other type of abusive nature, if I wanted that I would have stayed married to my ex-husband.

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