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New Blog Title

The new title is credited to Big Bang....It's lyrics of one of their songs.
If your VIP you will likely know the song....Hi5



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Add Me Curser - GONE ATM


Add Me Chasing Hearts - GONE ATM

"Add Me"

"Add Me"

Media Player Information

There is a media player on this blog, HOWEVER it is not set to autoplay, you have to manually press play and the volume is set low on 12, which if you want it louder you can adjust the volume on the right side to the loudness you desire.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Perm & Temp Blog Mgr Education 101

All of your sponsors provide you with a logo for you blog.
You place this logo on the right or left side of your blog.
In my case it is on the RIGHT SIDE of my blog.
When you go through and scoll each Logo you CAN CLICK
on them which will provide you with what
is called a TP SLURL that generally loads a map for the
viewer you use, in my case FireStorm.
If you click that it will load it up in a TP form like you
have clicked a LM in your inventoey for that store.
Now, CLICK it and TP to the location.

If it doesnt load due to you using a different viewer
you CAN copy and paste the address FROM the "browser"
showing you the map (PASTE INWOLRD) it will have
same out come, only difference is you have to do it manually.

Now you have learned what a blogroll and
it's purpose.
Your doing awesome young grasshoppa!


It's That Time Of Year Again, Hurricanes & Tornados
Keeping in mind that it is seasonal to have severe
storms regardless of me being home in Florida or
back home in Illinois.
If I will be gone for a week or so, I'll do vacation on
sponsors as Zeke and I do travel in the summer months.

Blogging Info

Posting During Spring & Summer Months
I live in Florida in the United States and from the Mid-West where I lived is called Tornado Alley. Please know that posting blogs may be behind during these storms, pending on if we are home in Florida or back in Illinois. Thank you for your patience & understanding during this time.

Real life Is FIRST ALWAYS, Period No Exceptions What So Ever!!


Please know that I may/may not use your items, I can’t promise that I will, if I do, I may blog some & not others. Blogging is not my main job in SL, I do it in my spare time. I reserve the right to publish what I feel is suitable to my style, mood, feel & if it looks good on my avatar. Don't be offended if I don't blog something you have sent me.

Please take a moment to provide some info (Your welcome to copy/paste the below area from my blog if need be to provide items to me).

1. Put contents in a folder (Store Name/Blogger)
2. Give me some info & a LM/SLURL to your store

If you’d like me to blog for you send me some information (Such as event item(s) are featured in or anything that you'd like noted about the item(s) you sent me to blog for you. This is helpful so that the public can see what it is your selling, where and what the initial inspiration was surrounding the item(s) creation. Also helps spread the word about your brand. I’ll be happy to blog for you in my spare time.

If you’d like to be added to the list of designers I blog for please feel free to send me a notecard inwolrd, I’ll be happy to blog for you in my spare time.
I would prefer no groups (Subscribers are easy, I can help you with this if you don't already have a subscriber for your brand) as my group spaces are completely full at this time due to group limit cap. Blogger Kiosks are amazing in cases like this. I am syndicated. Here are details and more information about my blogging below.
Thank you and have a wonderful day/night.
VioletCrush (Bravin) Freak <33
VioletCrush (Resident) Freak <33
Both avatars affiliated with this blog.
Both avatars look identical (they are extensions of each other).

I'll Be Blogging Secondlife Fashion and maybe new items to be more challenging with my blogging style.


Short Version About The "New" Blog.

This was my original blog that I created, was told I couldn't use it.
It was originally created in January of 2011.

Some people in modeling are controlling and very hypocritical of their models, I don't regret my decision to retire from my agency that I owned and modeling in general. Though as of October 24th 2018 I have returned to modeling under the model management of Audace Modeling Agency and will be exclusive to them alone by choice.

 I don't like people telling me and treating me like a child with what I can and can't do, I am an adult and can decide what I want to do all by  myself lol, after all I'm 21+ years old. And as far as my blog and avatars are concerned, when YOU PAY my account premiums THEN you have the right to dictate to me what I can and can't do with my avatar(s).

Feb 22nd 2014 - I Left Wordpress but I am not currently in the process of revamping it and will choose to use both Blogger and Wordpress for my blogs.

I have returned to modeling. however I plan to do it MY WAY, not allowing others the ability to control me or belittle me, abuse me, or bully me like I did in the past. Freedom is beautiful!

Please continue to learn more about my blog by clicking the other pages and checking them out!


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