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New Blog Title

The new title is credited to Big Bang....It's lyrics of one of their songs.
If your VIP you will likely know the song....Hi5



Add Me Media Player

Add Me Tagging

Add Me Curser - GONE ATM


Add Me Chasing Hearts - GONE ATM

"Add Me"

"Add Me"

Media Player Information

There is a media player on this blog, HOWEVER it is not set to autoplay, you have to manually press play and the volume is set low on 12, which if you want it louder you can adjust the volume on the right side to the loudness you desire.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Perm & Temp Blog Mgr Education 101

All of your sponsors provide you with a logo for you blog.
You place this logo on the right or left side of your blog.
In my case it is on the RIGHT SIDE of my blog.
When you go through and scoll each Logo you CAN CLICK
on them which will provide you with what
is called a TP SLURL that generally loads a map for the
viewer you use, in my case FireStorm.
If you click that it will load it up in a TP form like you
have clicked a LM in your inventoey for that store.
Now, CLICK it and TP to the location.

If it doesnt load due to you using a different viewer
you CAN copy and paste the address FROM the "browser"
showing you the map (PASTE INWOLRD) it will have
same out come, only difference is you have to do it manually.

Now you have learned what a blogroll and
it's purpose.
Your doing awesome young grasshoppa!


It's That Time Of Year Again, Hurricanes & Tornados
Keeping in mind that it is seasonal to have severe
storms regardless of me being home in Florida or
back home in Illinois.
If I will be gone for a week or so, I'll do vacation on
sponsors as Zeke and I do travel in the summer months.

AntiSocial & M'era Luna Couture Blogger Application

Please copy and paste this into a notecard inwolrd then send it to VioletCrush Resident. Please make sure to follow all of the instructions below because paying attention to close detail is very impressive!

- Also: Please make sure to use your legacy name and not your display name, I will need to be able to locate you in search and if I can't locate you I will trash the application, I don't want to do that so if your name is like this
Vἶօlℯէ Ɗяagợη  (violetcrush.bravin) or  Vἶօlℯէ Ɗяagợη   (VioletCrush Resident)
Please only copy what is in the parenthesis (violetcrush.bravin) or  (VioletCrush Resident) 
This way I can find you and get you in as a blogger!!

Thank you in advance,
亗 ℳяş. Ɣἶօℓℯէ ℱяℯak 亗 (VioletCrush Bravin)
亗 ℳяş. Ɣἶօℓℯէ ℱяℯak 亗 (VioletCrush)

Antisocial & M'era Luna Couture Blogger Application 
Please copy and paste into a notecard inwolrd then fill it out and return it promptly to VioletCrush Bravin & VioletCrush Resident.

We are looking for active bloggers also!! If this is you and you wish to apply here is how to do so.

Step 1: Make a notecard and title it Black Dragon, Flower Road, Flower Road VIP and or Mera Luna Couture Blogger App (YOUR NAME HERE), you can apply for all 4 stores but will required individual notecards for each one.

Step 2: Contents inside

Your Legacy name (Not display name, I will be to be able to locate you in search)


How long you have been blogging

Why do you want to blog for Black Dragon Industries (Black Dragon, Flower Road, Flower Road VIP) and or Mera Luna Couture 

Blog URL

Flickr URL

Social Media Used To Promote Your Blog:


You MUST be active

Your avatar must be at least 30 days old as your blog should be as well

Regarding group space for blogging....If you are blogging only Mera Luna Couture products you will only need 2 groups, however if you choose to blog Black Dragon, Flower Road, Flower Road VIP and or Mera Luna Couture you will need a total of 6 groups. There will be only 1 (one) group for Black Dragon, Flower Road & Flower Road VIP stores as it is a part of Black Dragon Industries.

You’ll need to be able to blog at least 75% of the items received (in the course of a months time), if you blog more your an Epic Rockstar!!

You’ll need to send a monthly report notecard through the group at least 3 days before the months end (if you can’t due to RL please contact me personally via notecard and I’ll contact you when I am available, I realize RL happens, this is so whatever reason being is kept private and RL should come first.

You’ll have posting rights in the bloggers group to post your blog posts and monthly report notecard

You will need to have amazing photography skills

You should have at least 3 active and current feeds (If y our blog is featured someone please note it also it is beneficial to you but not required).

Can you blog from an alt? Talk with me and we will see what we can come up with.

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