New Blog Title

This is not words of my own, but of Big Bang.

The new title of my blog (replacing "You'd Better Work Bitch!") is from a Big Bang Song Called Stylish...

I didn't rip it off of anyone else's blog, like I had happen to me...Enjoy it you Amkae!

So this is the reason behind the new blog title.

About Low Volume Media Player

Media Player Present On This Blog!
Volume is set very low so it won't blast you out of your seat.

You also have visible controls to turn the volume up, down or even off if you wish to do so.

I make these available to every visitor, so they are in control of weather they listen to music or not.
I'm a music freak & enjoy listening as well as giving others the gift of music to share.

"Add Me"

Pumping Purple Heart

"Add Me"

Photography Info

I will go back into doing photos for client work, I have done some in the past for people that I have met and for friends and they suggested that I go into business for this even though I enjoy it and like learning so many new things when I have the time to do so between RL and SL. Appointments will be needed verses doing it on the fly as I have to work with my RL and SL.

See my Flickr for more photos that I've done!

A payment retainer of HALF the quoted price is due up from at the booking so I don't make the appointment and you decide to not do the session. This is because I have rearranged my RL to accommodate you for the booked session.

 All services are "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" Since you get to preview the work prior to accepting it.

You will be responsible for the $10L upload charger per photo (which is included into the price of the photography package).


Our prices are fair and reasonable.

1 Profile photo $510L You will be responsible for the $10L uploading fees this is already included in the price.

5 pk Profile  Photos $1550L (Steal in price) You will be responsible for the $10L (Per photo uploaded). Uploading fees are already included in the price.

1 Profile Photo 2 ppl $1010L You will be responsible for the $10L (Per photo uploaded) uploading and it is already included in the price.

5 pk Profile Photos 2 ppl 2550L (Steal in price) You will be responsible for the $10L uploading fees (Per photo uploaded) also and it is already included in the price.

Weddings - All wedding packages 4000L
We will do still of the wedding party (Brides maids & Groomsmen)
We will also add the bride to her Maids & Goom with his Men
Full wedding party (Bride, Brides Maids, Goom, Groomsmen, Parents of Bride & Groom)
Bride & Her parents
Groom and his parents
Bride & Groom
Venue shots - with bridal party (Guests not in attendance)
You will get a lovely photo album with this that will allow you to pass it out to friends and family in memorandum of the beautiful event (Included in the price).

Rockstars and you shots! $3020L for a set of 2 photos
These fun photos have been a hit on my flickr since I uploaded a few of Violet with Def Leppard, Joe Elliott, Joe Elliott and Rick Savage as well as Violet and Dokken. These you can get 2 photos with same band or two different bands or you can get a full band shot and you with your favorite member of the band. As long as the photos are search-able on Google and I can find ones that work with the short I've taken. I will take several shots on a white board and then see what ones work, if I can't find a working photo I may call you back to come in and do a few more till I can match it. When the two photos are finished and ready for you to get You will get to proof them via screen shot from Gyazo and it will have writing through the middle of it so you know it isn't the actual photo, once the photo is approved you will then be given the actually photos without the writing. This prevents thief of work and if taken it will be AR'd and a DCMA will be filed against you for stealing my work. You will be responsible for the $20L uploading fees also and it is already included in the price.


               ROCKSTARS & YOU PICS







     (R.I.P Dar) Dar Greymoon-Swords Wedding, I was her Maid Of Honor.

(No Editing, Customer Request)

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