New Blog Title

This is not words of my own, but of Big Bang.

The new title of my blog (replacing "You'd Better Work Bitch!") is from a Big Bang Song Called Stylish...

I didn't rip it off of anyone else's blog, like I had happen to me...Enjoy it you Amkae!

So this is the reason behind the new blog title.

About Low Volume Media Player

Media Player Present On This Blog!
Volume is set very low so it won't blast you out of your seat.

You also have visible controls to turn the volume up, down or even off if you wish to do so.

I make these available to every visitor, so they are in control of weather they listen to music or not.
I'm a music freak & enjoy listening as well as giving others the gift of music to share.

"Add Me"

Pumping Purple Heart

"Add Me"

Events & Fairs I Blog/Have Blogged

Posting During Spring Months
I live in the Mid-West in the United States and the area of the Mid-West where I live is called Tornado Alley Posting Blogs may be behind during the storms. Thank you for your patience & understanding during this time.

I do have a RL Job and can't be in SL 24/7/365 please understand this.
I have had people turn assy about this and it is what it is Real life Is FIRST ALWAYS, period no exceptions what so ever!!


If you'd like for me to blog your event please contact me via notecard and I will be in touch with you as soon as humanly possible.


I’m always interested in amazing quality designers to blog for so please send me a notecard inwolrd or an email, I look forward to blogging for you!

* Random Blogs Here & There *

Vero Modero (event or fair)
Entre Mares (event or fair)

* Charities I’ve Blogged For *

Fashion For Life (Relay For Life) 2016
Fashion For Life (Relay For Life) 2015
Fashion For Life (Relay For Life) 2014
Fashion For Life (Relay For Life) 2013
Fashion For Life 2012
FFC Fantasy Faire Backstage 2012
POE6 in 2013

*Random Designers I’ve blogged for*
Focus Poses MKT
Vero Modero
Entre Mares

* Former Brands I Blogged For *
MyDear (Formerly)
Hot Stuff

*Former Blogs I Blogged On*
OTFC - Stopped Blogging for them due to Owners Demands on MY SL, I don’t take kindly to someone issuing dictation on how I am going to play my Secondlife or how I am to conduct myself. No one has that right to control another person in real life or in secondlife. October Bettencourt is a control freak who thinks she is the boss of her bloggers and my guess anyone within her grasp is concerned. She found out that I don't need her and told her to basically kiss my@#$! In a very colorful fashion.
Moral of the story Don't Try It, It Don't Work On Me.

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