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Syndications to add to my blog, I’m always looking for more persons wanting to add bloggers to their syndication strings, I’d be more than happy to become syndicated under your blogging community.

I removed these from the main page due to them decreasing as they are no longer open or circulating blogs within the cyber world. Some are still active and some are no longer alive. This is the original to current date sponsors I have from the blogs original birth to the current age.

Currently Syndicated With

The strike text means they are no more and not and active feed strength any longer.

Beauty Of Darkness Web 
SLUniverse Forums
SL Fashion Directory
Grid Syndicate
iheartsl Second Life Fashion and Community Feed | iheartsl Second Life Fashion and Community Feed
Be Happy in sl's Blog (no longer able to post their bandwith is full)
Blogging Second Life
FEED -Second Life- FEED
Zinner Shapes
Fashion Feed of SL
Upps! feeds bloggers!
Blogging SL


I will gladly accept review items.
Please know that I may/may not use your items, I can’t promise that I will, if I do, I may blog some & not others. Blogging is not my main job in SL, I do it in my spare time. I reserve the right to publish what I feel is suitable to my style, mood, feel & if it looks good on my avatar. Don't be offended if I don't blog something you have sent me.

Please take a moment to provide some info (Your welcome to copy/paste the below area from my blog if need be to provide items to me).

1. Put contents in a folder (Store Name/Blogger)
2. Give me some info & a SLURL to your store

If you’d like me to blog for you send me some information (Such as event item(s) are featured in or anything that you'd like noted about the item(s) you sent me to blog for you. This is helpful so that the public can see what it is your selling, where and what the initial inspiration was surrounding the item(s) creation. Also helps spread the word about your brand. I’ll be happy to blog for you in my spare time.

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