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Friday, December 19, 2014

Super Size Me, I'm A Giant Baby!!!

This is a GIANT avatar not your regular system or model shaped avatar!
It' is quite fun but when purchasing this sort of item, you MUST take in consideration that not all businesses will allow a Giant inside them, Sorry!

Comes with clothing, shoes skin, everything except for hair. It even comes with a kit to create clothing for your rather large and smexy new avi! The picture doesnt even begin to show you how HUGE you really become when you "GIANT" up....Let me just say to you that once you GIANT up it's a whole new world up there! They are just so huge and awesome! The Hud that comes with your avatar will allow you to do several skin tones even a color mixer to mix to create fantasy avatars. You even get eyes, please make sure to read the directions before applying anything! You need to do this in the recommended orderly fashion that is presented to you in the notecards because if you attach it incorrectly you will have issues you will freak then panic and end up in the creators IM and it is one that you yourself can solve before it even becomes an issue. I made the mistake of doing it my way without reading it, I got discouraged, took it off, sat and thought about it for a minute then swallowed my pride then read it and followed them like it said to do and holy mackerel I was a cool giant avatar!!! It's a rather unique experience. As with any giant avatar you will encounter issues of a rather large kind and not like anything you've dealt with on your regular size avatar. What I mean are when you use a photography pose stand or a pose stand for adjusting your items, self, hairs and many other attachment you will partly go through the ground but for the most part it is still editable and it looks wicked funny too so you have a great avatar along with some comedy so it adds to the fun! The reason you have issues with pose stands regardless weather its posing for photos or editing attachments on your avatar it is because its a foreign attachment to enhance your current body plus it's mesh. So, yes these issues are much the same as with any mesh item. Please just be careful where you wear it and if in doubt either ask the owner or managers because not all places allow huge avatars. Would I recommend purchasing Giant Avatars? YES! I'd recommend purchasing one of these cool avatars, you'll be glad that you did!

Everything shown on me in this photograph comes with the giant avatar!
Jewelry and hair are from elsewhere. Have fun wandering around secondlife as a giant, amuse your friends be stunned at the staggering height you will see and just how small regular avatars can be compared to you in your giant form!


  1. Thank you for the nice blog :)
    We will make a posestand with an adjusted offset for the giant avatars and ad that to our vendors.

  2. I love these avatars. They are so much fun to run around in.


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