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Real Life - Important Read!

Posting During Spring Months
I live in the Mid-West in the United States and the area of the Mid-West where I live is called Tornado Alley Posting Blogs may be behind during the storms. Thank you for your patience & understanding during this time.

I do have a RL Job and can't be in SL 24/7/365 please understand this.
I have had people turn assy about this and it is what it is Real life Is FIRST ALWAYS, period no exceptions what so ever!!

Fully relocated now....Will be in SL as I can be and when I choose to be. 
My RL is full and I do enjoy both RL and SL.

I've found RL to be more rewarding these days and I enjoy spending the time in RL with Friends, Family and so on, as it should be. I do have two avatars that I do use, while VioletCrush Bravin is my main blogging girl I do use VioletCrush Resident to blog a few items and to mess around when I am in SL Piddling around. I would appreciate the understanding to recognize that I don't live in or on SL. I need my RL for many reasons now days where as before SL was more fun and desirable to me, this isn't the case anymore. So I really do appreciate your understanding. If you can't understand this then I don't need you in my life.