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Sunday, February 23, 2014

I hate writing blogs like this but hey....

The dress is oober cute  has a wicked thick belt that goes around your waist with just the right amount of hanging low and sleeveless with a turtle neck, like i said wicked cute! I would have actually kept the dress if not for the HUD functions.

My biggest problem with this new HUD set up that Shey has is I find it a little impractical. Why? Well, wanting people to join a group to have the ability to use other textures such as common black, to me that isnt something that I would personally waste my precious and LIMITED group space and lindens on. I can clearly understand doing so if it was like most stores who do this, make the textures worth wanting to join the group for. Such as Exclusive colors that hasnt been offered in the store at all. Make the textures fancier, funkier and just overall different than the normal textures used in everyday designs, give your brand base something meaty they want to sink their teeth into. Not plain colors such as black, Purple, Deep Blue, White Paisley, Brown Paisley and Baige Paisley....It's been done in the shop previously and is overrated....Not worth a group space or the $500L's to join the group to access NORMAL colors and textures offered in the shop previously. To me it isnt worth the group space or Lindens. Not a good choice. I've never written a mixed review on an outfit before until now and in some way I feel like I'm wrong for voicing my opinions and in another sense I feel like I have done my just part in giving the information to the shopping community so that they know what is ahead before they come to a screeching hault plowing into the wall up ahead. I guess without critiquing there is simply no way the designer can see, realize or even know things that might need a little tweeking. I have gotten some amazing items from Shey in the passed. I guess for m e I'm looking at it from a shoppers perspective and seeing the limitations on the group spaces that we have and at 42 groups that doesn't allow us much for choices, only sacrafices. With me, I'm already using an alt (same name) to fill the voice where my main account can't go any further because I can't delete groups that I'm in currently and my alts groups are climbing to where I will soon be capped on that one as well. What am I suppose to do then create another alt to fill that void? Linden Labs should allow us more group spaces than they do, I  mean when I started we were only allowed 25 groups, that is nothing. So, I guess if you have the group space kudos but the textures still aren't in my opinion worth the group space or lindens. They are just too plain and not offering me anything to actually want to join the group to get them options.

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