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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wedding Season Is Here Once Again, Awws

Forbidden Butterfly Loves Wedding Season! With all the beauty in the world, a bride wants to be on top of that world and be the most beautiful woman ever seen. We can help with that! For that special day we have a few dress options just for your special day. We have a wedding dress that has 2 options to it so you can be the one to choose how your dress looks on that special day. We carry matching shoes for both of these dresses and we even have your flowers for the bride (No animations, so no fighting thew bride walk animation when that time comes). Both of these dresses comes with gifts, however you will have to pick the dress with the gifts that benefit you and your budget of course. Both of the dresses are identical (same with shoes), however you have the option of changing colors on on dress and not the other (same deal with the shoes).

FB - Antique Lace Wedding Gown [Copy Version] - Means just that, that it's copyable and there isn't any color changing options for this dress. The shoes are the same way, FB - Antique Lace Wedding Ankle Booties "Standard", what this means is they are as is there isn't a color changing option on these boot's. These items are NO MOD, NO TRANS YES COPY ONLY.

The gift(s) you get with this dress is: The Veil is included in the gown. The Jewelry is also included as a wedding gift to you from Forbidden Butterfly. Now, if your wanting something more, then we have just what your looking for too! Here is our Cadillac of wedding gowns, 

FB - Antique Lace Wedding Gown [Transfer Version] - Means just that, that it's transferable so that you can pass it back to us and we can color change the colorable parts to match the colors you need for your wedding. The shoes are the same way, FB - Antique Lace Wedding Ankle Booties "Prefered Bridal", what this means is they are they too are colorable to match your dress and the colors of your wedding. Coloring is done only by designer which is why both are transferable so that we can color it and return it to you. These items are NO MOD, NO COPY, YES TRANS ONLY.

The gift(s) you get with this dress selection is:
What comes with your gown selection, The Veil is included with your gown, The jewelry is also included with your gown but as an added gift, please look at the Tiffany Lingerie sets and choose a color that you wish to get absolutely free and delivered to yourself of if the fellas are buying their ladies gown we will deliver it to her absolutely free once her name is provided in the folder wit hthe contents, the dress, Lingerie choice (Jewelry isnt trans so we will redeliver it to her so you can delete the girlie jewels fellas hehe). 

Just another way that Forbidden Butterfly wants to help you make your special wedding day the best day ever! 

Here are the photographs of the dress(s), shoes, jewelry & flowers. 

These photo's aren't in a uniform order, they are just posted here so you can see the dress, accessories offered for these dresses and the gifts you can receive pending on the gown you choose, you will need to read the Marketplace description to ensure you get the correct gown and gifts, we don't refund for messed up purchases and options do differ per gown.

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