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Friday, March 14, 2014


SKIN:::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Cream-Bare
SKIN TONES NOT SHOWN:::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Pale-Bare, ::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Rosy-Bare, ::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Tan-Bare,  ::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Bronze-Bare, ::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Cafe-Bare,
MAKEUP:::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-04 & ::JOLI:: Teeth Tattoo
MAKEUP NOT SHOWN: (Not In Any Peticular Order) ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-01, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-19, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-12, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-02, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-03, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-20, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-18, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-15, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-05, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-13, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-07, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-17, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-09, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-14, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-10, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-06, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-16, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-11, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-08
FRECKLE LAYERS: ::JOLI:: - Light Freckles (Face), ::JOLI:: - Dark Freckles (Face)
Shapes: ::JOLI:: Lucie Shape & ::JOLI:: Lucie Eyebrow Shaper
LOLA TANGO APPLIERS: (Not Shown) Has Lola Tango Appliers
SLINK HANDS: Has Slink Hands & Feets
Has Phat Azz/Cute Azz Skin Allpiers, Loud Mouth Appliers, Baby Bump Appliers
Outfit:D-Style - Jezik Top w.HUD & D-Style - Jezik Leggings w.HUD
Gacha Items: D-Style - Guitar Gacha Pink Grafiti & D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Dawn
Gacha Items Not Shown: *Guitars* D-Style - Guitar Gacha Urban, D-Style - Guitar Gacha Punk RARE, D-Style - Guitar Gacha Skulls RARE, D-Style - Guitar Gacha Irish Clower RARE, D-Style - Guitar Gacha Irish Flag, D-Style - Guitar Gacha Metall, D-Style - Guitar Gacha Grunge Star, D-Style - Guitar Gacha Grunge, D-Style - Guitar Gacha Noise RARE
Gacha Items Not Shown: *Irish Princess Crowns* D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Spring, D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Snow, D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Sunrise RARE, D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Sky RARE, D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Storm, D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Sunset RARE, D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Medow RARE, D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Titan, D-Style - Irish Princess Crown/Forrest
Shoes:N-core CASTING "Noir Intense" BOXED
Jewelry: Chop Zuey - Heart & Soul Necklace
Hair:Exile::Wild At Heart Light Blondes (Wear me)
Skin:::JOLI:: Lucie - All Tones Feat. Skin Fair 2014
Eyes: pc eyes classic - Calm Sea
Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud - Natural
Pose:  Ella Pose 02

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