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Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Exclusive Pose From GlamRus Poses!

GlamRus Poses are in two events this April, Yay!
They have poses that are for Kids & Family

One of the events is ~Ever-After Event~, you can find it here:

Click to teleport to the Ever After Event (Exclusive pose can be found here)  ~Ever - After Event ~

Remember, sold ONLY at the Ever-After Event and won't be sold again!
 Make sure you go grab it!

This pose is just absolutely darling! 

My daughter alted up to create a male avi and the adult avi and I alted up and created the child avatar to do this adorable pose (my husband was unable to be online due to the Easter Holiday later today so I conned Cassi into playing dual persons, thank you Cassi your a life saver,muah!!

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