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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sexy Is As Sexy Does, Rawrrr Black Is The New Sexy!

Even through most find black a sexy color to parade around in wearing lingerie there is always a rainbow to be found. As you will see in this sexy little black lingerie number that I am wearing  you will also know that there is in fact a rainbow of color provided at Blacklace with the Kindle sets. The Kindle sets are lovely you feel as sensual as you look and it screams pure sex appeal. I don't know whose partner would object, lol I'm sure there aren't many that would. Mine is a person who loves me in white, why I have no clue but I usually get a rainbow of colors because I want to wear a color that suits my mood or brightens my mood...
Because to be honest there are times when I will parade around my home alone in lingerie just to connect with my sensual inner being. I personally love lingerie.

Outfit:Blacklace Kindle: Black Lace Set (Updated) 6
Shoes:N-core COQUETTE "Black" BOXED
Jewelry: JCNY - 'Lover's Knot' Collection, Diamond Necklace, JCNY - 5th Ave East, Diamond Drop Earrings - FATPACK, *Xia's Boutique* Jewelry Diamond Eyebrow Rings & Nicclas Design -- Ear Piercings 1-- Male & Female
Tattoo: Tattoo: [ZENTRO] Never Give Up Tattoo [UNISEX]
Hair:Jessica - For Blogger Review  (Blonde Shown)
Skin::[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Celestial ] - [ Diva Milk TDRF]
Eyes: pc eyes classic - Clam Sea
Nails: [Bamboo] Nails - Silvery Satin

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