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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Really bad passed 2 weeks but were on starting to get on track!

OK, I'm FINALLY back after a situation that if I knew who to have fired I would definitely have him/her/them fired for the lack of customer support. During the passed week I have been busy trying to catch up with my photos, blogs and other SL stuffs and well, while I'm NOT caught up I at least have some content to post and have somewhat got some of the other things I do in SL in motion once again.
We had a storm in my area about 2 weeks ago now, during this storm lightning had struck a tree across the street from me (I tried to take pictures but st 3 am and police not letting you off your porch due to downed lines, epic fail). If the tree was about 5 feet taller it would have literally taken my bedroom and living room  out on my house, luckily for my cat and I, it didn't! Was a pretty scary situation for sure. So, once out electric/gas provider was dispatched to fix one of the downed wires, I had learned I had no television, telephone or Internet services...That was the second downed wire. I ca;;ed the police department to let them know, so they could contact the cable provider, which they did not do like they normally would... So I had to do it in order to get my services restored. I called and called and called and called again! Within a 3 day period I killed my minutes on my cell phone and was now in pay mode trying to get my services restored. I spoke with secondary call centers who lied to me, faking supervisors, giving me fake information about fixing the downed wire and several other lines of BS to avoid dispatching a technician out to fix the issue. So during them three days I was so upset after speaking with one guy who told me I had to wait until Friday, if not one came I needed to call back on Saturday (mind you it's now Tuesday) that I was to call back let them know and they'd send me a tech to fix the issues on WEDNESDAY of the next week....I was exhausted because Id called so many times my sleep was screwed up (still is, but I have an added stress at the moment which isn't helping me realign my body from the last ordeal). So I went to sleep and got up the next morning and thought, well the one girl said to call earlier...I wonder if 9:00 am is a good time and considered earlier to get an American Call Center? So I went and done the morning ritual, bathroom medication and feeding the little monster cat of mine and I came in sat down grabbed my cell and dived in for one more attempt....Eureka! I got the center that was maybe 2 hours from me!!! I wanted to cry I was so frustrated, angry and just exhausted. So I started talking to the girl and explaining my plight and said I want ALL my services DISCONNECTED ASAP! She was like OMG she apologized and like one other girl was filing a formal complaint within the company for mistreatment of an incident that would have taken a tech 30 minutes to fix and said please don't do this, I can see your modem is down and that you have a problem that is of no fault of you and I can get you a tech please don't disconnect your services, I let her know how frustrated I was with the whole situation but I said if you can it FIXED  I wont disconnect but if I have to call back again it will be to disconnect services and I will make sure that everyone I know then some will not use this provider. To make a really long story a bit shorter it is now Wednesday, she said appointments are so booked the remainder of the week that the earliest I can get a tech to you (and she apologized again for the wait I would have to endure yet still) was Saturday morning at 8:00 am to 9:00 am I could have gotten Friday however I had an appointment already and couldn't break that one so I sucked it up and too the Saturday appointment. Saturday morning my mom comes over to my house and says  tech called my to make sure someone was gonna be home, so now they will be here between 8 and 9AM I said OK, this was at 7:30 am on Saturday....I got up got dressed did the reg morning stuff and mom called my cell (my mom lives across the street from me) and said hes here!! I said OK thank you and we disconnected the call. The poor guy was shocked I was even up (he didn't want to wake me so he said he'd do what he could on the outside and wake me when finished, to make sure it was up and running) so he did his business outside, came to m y door I let him in h e checked it and he was off and on his way to a new call and I had my services back and was now able to rest that FINALLY my cable products had been restored and rescued after much pain and suffering just to get it done. So it cost me 300 free minutes monthly on my cell and $10.00 usd on my cellphone and  4 days being out of commission and a hell of a lot to catch up on! I got my services back scored about 20.00 credits split up on 2 cable bills (it went out 2 days later AGAIN for 6 hrs) and I got Starz (8 channels) free for 30 days with free and clear drop off no cancellation required, 2 support complaints and I left a hefty complaint on their website forum for ALL to see and now I'm attempting to catch up blogs that I am SERIOUSLY BEHIND, oi vey, facepalms.
So I will end that catastrophe with a good note and some hot assed fashion for you to go and get to make your own!! Yay hotness is ALWAYS a good thing *Winks*.

The featured outfit for the start of my catching up is an awesome outfit from Delirium Style, helping to benefit Relay For Life 2014.

Outfit:D-Style - Maxi Set - RFL of SL 2014 (Relay For Life 2014)
Jewelry: Chop Zuey - Sp Epiphany Slv Collar Necklace
Hair:^;^CaTwA^;^ Basma HairStyle/Summer Blondies
Skin:[:T:] Gina / sunkissed
Makeup: [:T:] Makeup - Suntan - Lipsticks - Gina ([:T:] Gina / sunkissed / lips :: Cyber - WORN) and .:Glamorize:. Lip Sheen Lip Gloss Tattoo Layers - 3 Types (Type 3 for shine)
Eyes: pc eyes - classic gen4 - m/r - calm sea
Nails:[Bamboo] Nails - Early Spring French
Each Hud Entweracts with ALL Bamboo Nails (Slink ones, I'm not sure about. We'll find out soon)!

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