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Thursday, September 18, 2014


VioletCrush Bravin As Marvel Comic's Storm
I'm doing a Super Hero's Set today at  the SL Playboy Mansion.  SL Playboy Mansion SLurl
Yes, I'm a DJ there And a Playmate. The Super Hero's event will be from 4-6 PM 9/18/2014 And a Disco Themed Event At Daddy-O's from 6-8 PM following Daddy-O's SLurl Come join the fun!

Styling Of Marvel Comic's Storm
Makeup:MysTique Catty Shadow Intrigue Eye Makeup (VANITY FLAIR Designer/Creator)
Eyes #1: Milky White (Designs by Isaura)
Eyes #2: Lycan Eye Glow 3 Strong (Creator Artemas Dagger)
Skin:Style by Kira - Willow Skin - Winter Special 01B
Shape: My personally designed shape (you will use the shape of your choice)
Shoes: BAX Regency Boots White Leather (Bax Boots by Bax Coen)
Breath prop:winter breath (wear on mouth) (Unknown)
Pose Used: Bez! Singles - Aura (4)
Nails: Bamboo Nails - White Latex Hud
Clothing:G56 White Coat (Jackie Graves of GRAVES Quality Fetish & Cyberpunk)
Hair: Ice Elemental Hair (Elvina Ewing Of CAVERNA OBSCURA)
Accessories that aren't Top designers (Noob gear):
Cape: Black cape with skeletons (noobie freebie modified)

Here is Storms Story - From the Marvel Website, enjoy!
A little bit of Storm History from the Marvel.Com webiste Marvel Comic's Storm Super Hero
I merely wanted to share this with you as a bit of History regarding the character I have chosen to represent during the event this evening.

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