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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rave Night Fun, Lets All Rave Baby!

SL Playboy Mansion DJ - DJ Ultra Violet
This is one DJ you don't want to fuck with!
DJ Ultra Violet  aka Violet Freak (VioletCrush Bravin)

The fun things we do lol. Some turn into the most Epic nights of our lives...This night was no exception to the ordinary rule! Lots of Glowing Orbs and People, dancing with glowing lights!
We decided that we were going to do an impromptu 4 hour set just for the fun of it. It may have also been a bit of an experiment. Most usually Clubs and hot spots don't usually go outside of that perfect little area called the "Comfort Zone". The SL PLayboy Mansion is the same as any other business that has Live DJ's.  We decided to do a 4 hour Rave Party set and we figured what the hell, it's worth a try if no one shows then trial and error we know to NEVER do it again lol. To our surprise we were really happy to see it was received well! The Whole Country Club Was full of glowing orbs of people and the ones who didn't want in orbs were decked out in these really cool and epic glowing outfits with batons, whips and sticks of glowing light! We played Techno, Electro, Trance, House, EDM and many other Electronic Music artists. It was a major blast one we wont forget anytime soon and I'm sure we will do this again sometime soon, the turn out was epic!! The SL Playboy Mansion Girl DJ's Knows how to.... "DJ Spin that shit!

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