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Monday, March 16, 2015

Fashion For Life 2015 Move In has begun, and I have a teaser for you!

These lovely dresses called Nefer are exclusive dresses and are just some of the amazing dresses that will be featured this year at Fashion For Life 2015.

You will want to pick one or two or maybe all three up, it is a hard selection for sure as they are all three very lovely.

These delightful beauties are brought to you by M&M STYLE, owned by Moreno Forwzy.

Be sure to stop over at M&M STYLE while shopping the stores and boutiques at the Fashion For Life's amazing fashion mecca related 9 sims.

You can find these specific dresses only at Fashion For Life 2015!
You can shop at M&M STYLE'S Inwolrd Store by clicking (Or copying and pasting it into your chat) the following link:

You can also visit M&M STYLE'S Marketplace by clicking (Or Copying and pasting it into your chat) the following link:

We hope that you will explore and enjoy yourself within the 9 sims of Fashion For Life as well as dig deep into your purse or wallet and spend big for an amazing cause, each year far too many people will suffer from Cancer from men to women and adult and child are at risk! This could be your Mother, Father, Grandpa, Grandma, Cousin, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife and even a child...

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