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This is not words of my own, but of Big Bang.

The new title of my blog (replacing "You'd Better Work Bitch!") is from a Big Bang Song Called Stylish...

I didn't rip it off of anyone else's blog, like I had happen to me...Enjoy it you Amkae!

So this is the reason behind the new blog title.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Azul & Hush Skins

Skin:[hush] Shannon - Latte
                                        Makeup: Came with Skin Pack

                                -AZUL- Reshma /Sapphire (ReOpenLimited)
Outfit:-AZUL- Reshma /Sapphire (ReOpenLimited)
Shoes: N-core CAPRICE "Pourpre" BOXED
Hair: AD - olivia - light blondes
Skin:[hush] Shannon - Latte
Eyes: pc eyes - classic gen4 - m/r - calm sea
Jewelry: [K~*~S] Mariposa - Jewelry Set - Silver
Makeup: Came with Skin Pack

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