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Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Releases From ::ViXen::

::ViXen:: has released several new items just for you!!
Please know that we are currently in the process of creating the ::ViXen:: Blog so futurely Vendor Shots will be placed on there and not on my personal blog unless I blog one of my own designs lol. So this is only temp!!

Some items are located on our Marketplace located here:

Others are located at our inwolrd store located here (Follow The Red Beacon):

Some items may or may not be found inwolrd or on Marketplace... That is becuase some of it kwe are still putting up and you will find a really large selection of items from ::ViXen:: at the inwolrd Main Store! Do Check Us Out!
Please join the group for sale infos and free gifties that gwill be given out from time to time... Happy Shopping!!

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