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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas At The Freak House

I wanted to take a moment and share our house and what it looked like over the holiday season with you. Our Christmas and New Years were private events without photos to be blogged. There are just somethings that are best kept personal due to the nature of the memories made but I will tell you this Zeke and I had an Amazing Christmas and New Years Eve, times well spent with memories to last a lifetime. I have the most amazing husband a girl could ever ask for. I smile when I think of him, us as a whole, it is safe to say he is the most romantic man I have ever had to pleasure to give my time to and I am thankful.
So I will now share the house and the photos on how it was decorated for Christmas and New Years (as I didn't take it down until a week after New Years I had gotten busy in SecondLife as I'm a manager of a Club and then some Real Life Popped up unexpectedly.

So we will start outside the house and end on the inside where it is nice & toasty!

Our cozy house. I have been eyeballing this house for what seems like forever until one day a few months back (was a month before Halloween) I finally said to hell with it and I bought the house. It is so darling inside which you'll see.

Yes the train goes with the tree and it actually circles the tree, its just darling!

You can see the snow clouds in the sky starting to throw flurries down.

This is our ocean frozen over which you could skate on, we had fun on the ice.

Yes there was two trees in the yard and one inside the house.

Our private winter wonderland as the snow was falling down to coat everything.

A frontal view showing the slickness of the ice in our beach area, lovely winter.

Snow atop the house and covering all the land was such a beautiful time.

Our fire pit in the snow. We Zeke, my brother Andy and his wife Vixy spent time cuddling by the fire eating snores enjoying the crazy chatter and holiday's.

My poor deck out on the icy water was snow covered and the fire pit was even covered in the white icy chilly stuff but it was so very beautiful none the less.

Our grill got in on the holiday whiteness covering it so no barbeque's for us.

We tried to track a heart and the word Love in the snow however the snow kept coming down on us covering the heart and the word Love but hey we tried!

Now lets go inside and see this adorable house that I had to have, you'll love it!

This is what you see the minute you walk in our front door and yes, I am a music enthusiast (freak) so there are gold records on my walls and yes the two Guitars on the wall are in fact Gibson Les Paul models.

When you walk in the front door of our house you walk into our living room.

 Here is the other side of our living room with our Baby Grand Piano

Here is our Christmas tree, it is on the same side as the Baby Grand Piano because of the windows so you can enjoy it even while out playing in the snow.

Another Living room shot on my way into the hall and bar area before you enter the master bedroom and master bath which is conveniently the same room.

This is the bar area and pretty much the introduction to the Master Bedroom. And you can see the photo slider that has photos in it but is currently showing one with Def Leppard and myself. I love my music, it always was my first love.

 Here is the master Bedroom and yes even more musically oriented decor as I have Black Veil Brides posters all over... I guess I am in fact a Music Junkie.

 The crib where Katheryn and Terry are sleeping soundly. We have two darling children, one a boy the other a girl. Katheryn is our oldest and Terry is the youngest one. We are considering having more children to enrich our lives more.

 The fireplace in our bedroom that is just between the exchange from the bedroom off to the bathroom. You can see that I am a Produl SLCS Cheerleader (SLCS stands for Second Life Cheelreading Squad). I am so proud to be a part of their squad. All of the SLCS Cheerleaders are lovely girls that I'm proud to have as sisters, they are all very talented and wonderful girls, I'm glad to be a sister.

This is part of the Master Bathroom, the sink and shower area.

 This is our Bathtub/hot tub and our toilet with the lovely plant filled patrician.

We hope that you have enjoyed your tour of our land and house during the holidays. We were pleased to take the photos and blog them to share them with us.

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