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Friday, March 4, 2016

FFL Posty 1

Outfit:Ever An' Angel - Folies Bergeres Gown - Lisette
Mesh Body: Maiterya Lara
Shoes:For Maiterya Lara Feet
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Pretty reckless I - Basics
Skin:-Glam Affair - Skye - Asia 10
Eyes: pc eyes - classic gen4 - m/r - calm sea
Jewelry: EarthStones Book of Shadows Locket - Ladies (GIFT BOX) & EarthStones Dusk Velvet Choker Set - Pentacle
Nails: Lara System Nails in Black
Makeup: Arte - Eyeliners - Cat Eyes - 5 styles, Eyeliner 3 types FIAT LUX, .miu. // Basic Eyeliner, {S{_Overcast Make Up_ & .:Glamorize:. Sumptuous Lips - 30 Colors

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