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Sunday, March 13, 2016

SLCS & RFL - Once Upon A Cure (SLCS Funday Event & More)

Sometimes I do random Blogs because I can and sometimes I do random blogs because I care and I have been involved in some way in ACS Events in Second Life as my grandmother was a Cancer Survivor so I have a sentimental reason for being a part in RFL and FFL.... If It is to try to rid our current and future family of Cancer I am all for kicking it out of our life space, besides it's time and long over due on being evicted from our lives... Let's do this!
Please join the Second Life Cheerleading Squad for a day of fun and doing good as we present our first FUNDAY of 2016 on March 13th from 9 am slt to 9 pm to raise funds for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life program.

Our theme this month is CARS. We will have a full slate of live singers as well as some great DJ's to entertain you. There will be some awesome cars on display and raffles to win your own cool car.

Here is our list of performers who have graciously donated their time and talents to help us raise money:
 9-10 Marqs
 10-11 Harmonia Trefoil
 11-12 Stinna Celt
 12-1 Phemie Alcott
 1-2 Maximillion Kleene
 2-3 Madmax Huet
 3-4 Phillip Moura
 4-5 Laidback Celt
 5-6 Gibson
 6-7 Aria
 7-9 Dj Dione

This all takes place at our home, Cheertopia. We hope you can come. 􀀀
Here is your limo to come to the SLCS Home Stadium For Our RFL Event!

About Relay For Life

The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life program has been SLCS's charity of choice since we began helping to fundraise in 2009.  

In 2016 it is estimated that there will be 1,685,210 new cases of cancer in the US and 595,690 deaths. That means that every day 4620 people will enter the most frightening period of their lives and 1630 people will be taken too early from their loved ones.

For over 100 years the American Cancer Society has been leading the way to transform cancer from deadly to preventable.

In 2015 ACS provided $144M for cancer research (more than $4.3 billion since 1946), $276M for patient support, $177M for prevention info & education, and $95M for detection & treatment.

Relay For Life, the world's largest movement to end cancer, unites more than 4 million people in 6,000 communities across 24 countries including the US.

RFL of SL is the 17th largest Relay and the largest fundraising program in SL.

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