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Monday, March 7, 2016

Who I Am And What I Am Into

As you have probably figured this isn't going to be a "normal" blog post for me this time...And NO I will not be crediting any designers in this blog post as it isn't about the designers its about what I am into these days.

I'm sure by seeing the past few posts there is a predominant darkness that has exploded through out my posts as of late. Well for one I have embraced my inner being. I am one with nature, I am Wiccan... No not the cafeteria type of Wiccan that screws anyone and everyone all because this one dude (cant recall his name) decided that multiple sex partners are just awesome... That shit isn't for me. I am about mother earth, the god of the sun and the goddess of the moon and how nature and my being are all in tune with each other.

Prime example.... Women for instance (Not trying to be gross ladies & gents but truthful), if you have ever watched the phases of the moon and how your "cycle" begins and ends.

Nature is who and what we are, we are one with nature. There is peace within nature not to mention the simple fact that Druidism is the oldest religion known to mankind and with that said all other religions are derived from Druidism.

I'm not insulting anyone's choice of religion because I was born Christian to a Christian family. While my mother doesn't know my exact beliefs she does know how I feel and believe in a sense but not to the fullest degree. And I am glad that everyone has their own choice of religious beliefs it makes the world not a boring repetition of a carbon copy.

From religion brush to music and subcultures.

Growing up I was an 80's brat all the way and I am proud of that factor. The 80's was the best music, the best hair and the best fashion ever.... That is my opinion and I have the right to have that without bias bullshit and people hating on me for that. Now, with that said I don't just stop at 80's music. I am a Heavy Metal Princess stemming from the 80's, 90's all the way up to today! I am a many faceted Gem of musical taste. I even like Rock, Pop, Alternative, Metal of course, Classic Rock, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, some Ska, I love Punk, Classical Music, Some Opera (Italian tends to be my favorite), Electro, Electro-House, House, Trance, Techno, Some Dubstep, Club Cuts from the 90's, Disco and even a dash of Country. I Love Frank Sinatra and Dean Martain and I like Industrial and Goth, Rave, Wave the list is endless. I LOVE MUSIC!! I am a Music Junky and I am addicted and I do not want to be cured from these musical drugs I get hopped up on.

As for the subcultures.... My real life person identifies best with the Goth and Punk Subcultures. Originally I thought it was a phase that it would eventually go away and I'd be over it and while it comes and goes it isn't because I  get tired of it or I switch, it has a'lot to do with my family. Most of them are closed minded while I am open minded about a'lot of things so when I look "normal" it is because my family hate on it, it is in fact because they don't understand it. When you reach adulthood your life is yours to do with it whatever you see fit weather its a good fit or a bad fit it's your call. No one can take that from you, you are after all your own person but sometimes respect takes over the play. Now with all of this said let me give you a peek at why I am pointing what I do towards the respect factor. My grandfather & my uncle were Navy Men, My cousin's sun is a Marine and my father was Air force so I am sure you now have a clear picture of why I said Respect takes over. I am somewhat a military brat. And I have several friends who were in the Army so lol respect does play a huge role within for me.

As far as my avatar goes I can do ANYTHING I want and I can make her look how ever I want and I do just that. My original min avatar VioletCrush Bravin still somewhat reflects the Model she once was, she is more classic, elegant and pretty much "normal" in looks I don't full on goth her like I do my second main avatar VioletCrush Resident. And no I see no reason to hide the fact they are both mine, they are both main avatars and lol contrary to popular rumors and lines of bullshit against and towards me in the passed... I don't have multiple alts... Just about all of the VioletCrush avatars are mine, however I so wish I could have taken the ownership Of VioletCrush Aries but I can't I have no idea who that avatar belongs to but I will give the owner props Hi5 that is a bad ass name, the VioletCrush Aries just has a kick ass ring to it, but it isn't mine.

Now on to a topic of SL drama before I post the kick ass picks of me looking like Taylor Momsen From The Pretty Reckless and I will post a pick of her here with my avi lol so you can see the resemblance. SL is a breeding ground of Drama from all angles and it doesn't matter where from. The tip of the top to the lows of the bottom no one has stayed untainted by drama. Two years ago I retired from what I loved doing most, modeling, because of some half witted asshole who shall remain nameless because I think it's a ........ Enough said. Going behind my back talking trash and doing everything possible to sabotage me...and me being so blind didn't even see it coming, I was in denial. Once it started to take hold after losing several people along the way that I had been friends with since 2010 and even back as far as 2008 it started to effect my health in real life. Wanting to take a post break after one of the biggest shows ever turned into a fiasco in areas where it shouldn't have and Yes I am partly to blame for that as I was furious at the fact that as an owner of a business and a friend to people within this business I was being talked down to and disrespected. To make a long story short... Once I closed the business and fired that idiot I was free. My Doctor wanted to put me on medication for blood pressure and depression, I wouldn't have it or even hear of it because I knew what the problem was and how to fix it, so I asked her if it was serious enough for her to give me at least 6 more months to get it under control before we go to medication. She wasnt happy about it but granted me that 6 months to fix the problem myself. Once that gutter trash was out of my life everything returned to normal and 2 years after that mess I am still NOT taking medications for High Blood Pressure or Depression and for that I am thankful to the Gods and Goddesses that blessed me with the strength to get rid of the negativity that was making me ill. I simply must say Namaste (Which means...The Divine In Me Honors The Divine In You). Anyways my point is drama breeds EVERYWHERE in Secondlife in some cases it is worse than the Real Life when it comes to drama. I have friends we may not talk or see each other all the time in SL and I find that talking when them and not being around them all the time gives everyone peace. My hubby on the other hand there is no room or need for him and I to fight, Zeke and I are soul mates and were dentin to be together no matter when or how. The universe knew what it was doing and us finally giving into our destiny has proven to be the most amazing ever 2012 was the best year of my life when it comes to Zeke and I and were still going 3 and a half years later....In SL thats what like 60 years? Blessed.

And as far as what I am into.... Music and life are the only things in my "WHat I'm into" and who am I... I am Violet and XXXX In Real life, same person in SL as in RL only I have realized I was once lost but I am now found and better at what I do. I cut ALL the dead wood out of my life and have started anew. I'm just simply me someone who likes to tinker in SL, shop, make money and learn and once in a while share a few precious moments with friends and I'm always ready to share precious time with my husband, Zeke. Music is the soundtracks to our lives and love is a bonus.

Anyways enough babbling bahaha I've prolly put you to sleep by now....Here is my Avi & Her look alike photos... Enjoy! The photos only of my avi will be on Flickr so you will have the opportunity to look at them separate also.

Do tell me what you think.You can leave a comment on the blog or Flickr but I admit I am curious of what you think do they resemble one another? From RL
to Secondlife Avatar?? And no these are raw photos of Violet I havent touched one up with paintshop or photoshop not even gimp, just pure raw photos.

                                   VioletCrush Bravin (Biersack-Freak)
                                   VioletCrush Resident (Biersack-Freak)

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