Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dangerous Woman

We all know the notorious outfit that Ariana Grande wore in the Acoustic Version Of Dangerous Woman.

Of course with copyrights we can't do our outfits identical..We do them with as close likeness as we possibly can without actually making it identically like the original outfit worn in the video. So you can look like her.

The hair does NOT come with the outfit but you can get it from Truth Hair it's called TRUTH HAIR Grande -  blondes (you can get it in the color that suits you best).
With this outfit you get the bodysuit (Mesh). You can modify your current shape with your mesh body on to fit into the size of your choice, I'm in the Small Mesh Bodysuit, Gloves (Classic & Omega), Skirt, the skirt is flexi for movement, The Boots come with it as well and you get the adorable Mesh Bunny Mask too! Skin and hair along with any jewels is up to you. I'm currently wearing Maiterya Lara Mesh Body In this outfit, my head is Lelutka Simone Mesh Head. I edited my shape to fit into the bodysuit size I wished and it works beautifully. You CAN wear mesh bodies with standard 5 sizes of mesh along with 5 standard fitmesh sizes and of course the correct mesh body designed mesh clothing.

This outfit will be released between now and Sunday October 16th 2016.

Here is a photo of the original outfit (couldn't find a better one)
But you get the idea and can see the differences between the outfits but also can see the likeness of it also which is important because if there isn't a variated likeness it just doesn't need to be named to suit the outfit.

And if you wish for more visuals on the outfit and overall likeness of our Dangerous Woman outfit against the original you can watch the video and see it is different in a few ways but can safely be called Dangerous Woman as it does capture the very essence of the outfit worn by Ariana Grande.

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