Friday, January 6, 2017

First post of 2017 - The Darkness Chamber Fair....

I chose to blog this prior to my Cheerleading Photo Shoot, when I learned I couldnt wear jewelry to the shoot lol good thing I read the notecard that was sent out lol. It's a cool choker with alot of choices for the pendants textures, I just chose the Pentagram because thats how I roll...Giggles & points to the blog decor
As per usual the rule goes, bold text items are featured in events and 
The Darkness Chamber Fair 
is an amazing event to behold.

Choker: !TLB - Goth Choker w/ HUD (Darkness Chamber Fair)
Skin/Skin Tone: Glam Affair - Skin Tone (Mesh Head & Body) Exotic Skin Tone
Mesh Head: Lelutka Simone vs 1.6
Mesh Body: Maiterya Lara Mesh Body
Hair:TRUTH HAIR Avena -  light blondes
Eyes: Ikon In Poltergeist

I had originally had a select fingernail used from someone other than the mesh body's provided ones however we couldn't wear our own nail color so I ended up going with Maiterya System in French Manicure

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