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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Darkness Chamber Fair BiMonthly Event # 13

I don't have a Vlog for you this time, :) It's just a normal mundane Blogger Blog.

This was to show the back of the [PU] Kitty (Henna) Tattoo 

This is to show only the front of the [PU] Kitty (Henna) Tattoo
The outfit shown in this photo will be blogged possibly in the future, until then I won't give the name or store the outfit is from as it isn't featured in any of these store featured in The Darkness Chamber and it wasn't a relevant item. I merely threw it on to avoid nudity on a PG sim I was using for shooting these photos.

I used the display photo because I used only one of the poses but wanted you to be able to see all 3 of these poses. 
DISCLAIMER: I did NOT take this photo, it is their display photo
 I DON'T have the right to take credit for it and I wont....

As always, all items in bold text is in an event. Bold and Italicized text is an event of some sort, usually supporting text is in place if possible.And finally the italicized text is Gacha Items and the regular text is nonspecific to Events or Gacha Items.

Outfit: Oubliette- Dahlia Dolly Dress
Other dresses include (Not shown)
Oubliette- Antique Dolly Dress 
Oubliette- Blush Dolly Dress
Oubliette- Crimson Dolly Dress
Oubliette- Faery Dolly Dress
Oubliette- Nightshade Dolly Dress 
Oubliette- Sepia Dolly Dress
Oubliette- Zombie Dolly Dress
Mesh Head:LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.1
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Shoes:Oubliette- Dahlia Sugar Tip Toe Ballet
Other shoes include (Not shown)
Oubliette- Black Sugar Tip Toe Ballet
Oubliette- Blush Sugar Tip Toe Ballet
Oubliette- Brn Leo Sugar Tip Toe Ballet
Oubliette- Cream Sugar Tip Toe Ballet 
Oubliette- Crimson Sugar Tip Toe Ballet 
Skin: Glam Affair Skin Tone In Exotic (Mesh Body & Head So No Actual Skin Is Visible)
Eyes: Az... Exclusive Ring [EYES MESH]  Add/Wear (Purple) Will need adjusting as each avatars eyes are differently as some are deeper than others and sizes. Easy fix, pull forward if behind eyes.
Nails: -BOD- Nails Checkers V2
Poses: Serendipity playing dolls... (series of 3 poses) showing showing pose 1

Tattoo:[PU] Kitty (Henna) Tattoo

❀ Kitty (henna) Tattoo ❀ Exclusive for Tw3lve Event

❀APPLIERS ❀ Belleza - Maitreya - Omega
❀ Compatible Mesh Bodies: Belleza - Maitreya - Ebody - Slink - EVE

❀ Event LM:

❀ Store LM:

❀ MP Store:

❀ Flickr:

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