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Friday, March 31, 2017

Total Randomness

I usually don't do random blogs like this, they arent my norm where I don't have some sort of map to guide me through it with ease and basically an already done format. With this blog I decided to do it a little differently because it was a self elected blog and not on that I was sponsored to do by my amazing sponsors. I like to do randomness once in a while but if you have noticed it's done like my sponsored blogs, until now with this blog. Mainly what I wanted to do was post and outfit that I was wearing and 2 headshots, all edited and then post a little bit about my two new babies!! I wont edit them pictures of my 2 newest babies (I have a few more coming in the near future and they are different sorts). OK, now your wondering why is she so vague on what she is talking about...Babies more coming in the near future and they are a few different sorts, wtf?!?!

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