Thursday, June 1, 2017

From Twe12ve May Event Which Is Now Over

Outfit: !!Bubblehead!! Blossom Outfit (Bloggers)
Shoes: Came with outfit
Jewelry: None
Tattoo: None
Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Skin: Glam Affair Jamacia Skin Tone (No actual system skin shown)
Makeup: None
Head: Lelutka Simone {Bento)
Hair: Truth - Kare - May VIP Group Gift
Event: None
LM: Not available (dont have slurl)
Marketplace: I'm sure there is one however I do not have the link 
Other: I think this is an outfit from a previous event so I added no credits as there was no notecard, so if this is in a current (June 1) event please feel free to correct me, I'll be more than happy to change the information and possibley deleting old post to create a new one so it can have hits.

!!Bubblehead!! By Midnyte Creations

Twe12ve May event - May 12 - 30 (Event Is Now Over)

Exclusive Item - !!Bubblehead!! Blossom Outfit 􀀀
Full outfit includes skirt w/ 5 colors with and without black belt, Shirt in 5 colors and 12 bra color options, Shoes with 5 colors

Side Notes: When I accepted this item I was uncertain as to weather it was for the event that I signed on to blog, it turns out this was the event prior (Twe12ve May Event) to me getting in to blog for the Twe12ve (June) Event. SO I did go ahead and blog the item simply because I did accept it and it was cute. I was not required to blog an event item that was closing. So I will have possibly 2 others however credits will be given but the event(s) are likely closed also and or they may or may not have been events I signed on to blog for as well as they will be from the May events and I am signed up for June Twe12ve Event.

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