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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Looking Into The Summer Night Sky

Outfit: 350 Zed Sensations*.Love Leather dress & 199 Zed Sensations*.Seduce Me garterbelt
This outfit & Garter Belts Fit The Following Bodies:
(This outfit is NOT compadable with Venus Regular Body, works only with Belleza Venus Freya Body & Belleza Venus Isis).
Other compadable bodies include: Eve - Pulpy & Slim, Tonic - Fine & Curvey, Ebody, Slink - Physique & Hourglass and lastly Maitreya. 
Shoes: N-core MAMBO FatPack (Group Gift)
Jewelry: [MLC] Vampirism Crest Ring - Royalty - HERS [RARE] (This will be available July First At The Darkness Chamber Fair - Black Magic Opening July 1st. "We are Unbreakable" Fem Necklace 
Tattoo:  Yes but I can't recall which one >.< I do know however it is for the 12 Event
Body: -Belleza- Venus Full - Freya Shown 
Eyes: Ikon mesh eyes in Starfall
Shape: Custom shape made by me exclusively for me.
Skin: Akeruka Skin Tone 7
Skin Tone: Akeruka Skin Tone 7
Makeup: Akeruka Hud Defaults for now
Head: [AK] Lulu Bento Head  NEW GEN Vers. 2.6
Hair: TRUTH VIP - May *fixed*
Event: None
LM: I'll be updating LM's and all store stats after I return from moving
Marketplace: I'll be updating Marketplace Links and all store stats after I return from moving
Other: As you can see the blog listing are in a stage of renew which means Ill be changing things to be more beneficial however it is now postponed until August at the latest so that I can relocate in RL and get our home all set back up and functional, Yay!! Patience is required.

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