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Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer Fun And Relaxation

So, I was lounging on my lounger and was thinking, WOW what a lovely day to sit pool side. So I threw on a pretty pink dress, boots to match and did my hair to tie it all together...The makeup made me want to get all tickled pink about summer!
*Waves Like A Maniac* Oh yeah...btw...Hi, Hello, Hallo  Hiya!! 

So this won't be an ordinary blog post, why? Well, to be honest I've not made this dress yet so I have no name for it or anything so it will just be a fun blog lol.
I'll tell you what all I am wearing just don't expect me to name the dress yet because I haven't actually had time to consider it.

My life is sad and happy both at the same time....
Mom lost her boyfriend of 20+ as of March 26th and if that wasn't enough I lost one of my life long childhood friends that I was still friends with due to a car accident on May 1st, which still hurts. We'd grew up together and knew one another all of our lives Hell, we even went through cheating and abusive husbands and wives together and his mom becoming mentally ill, she still survives but I do't think she even understands that her son is no longer walking this earth. He was my brother from a completely different set of parents so this goes to show you that family is not always blood. He will ALWAYS be my brother in this life and the next as well as everyone here after, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And for a bittersweet ending....
through all the hurt and loss from March and May I will enter into July and into a new life. After about a 6 month wait I am finally going to be relocating! I'm ecstatic about this and I hate moving  but this one is a happy one and things are finally coming full circle for me in my real life which will make for a happier situation for many reasons. There are a few people who already know what this is about and I do not feel that I need to go into detail but the ones who need to know already know why I am so happy to relocate. So as of right now I have been a busy little bee packing my house up to be ready to load it up and haul it out and to the new place woot woot! As of right now all I have remaining to pack is the back bedroom, my bedroom and some odds and ends in the dining room, bathroom and kitchen and I'm ready to go. I've not wasted any time or allowed any grass to grow under my feet. When I found out, I couldn't have been happier.

So with this blog I give you my relaxation and in deep through post, enjoy πŸ’™

Just dreaming how perfect my life will be once this is all over and we're settled into our new home....Live, Laugh & Love....Do it daily, do it often and do it frequently because you'll never know when your time is up until it's too late and your being born again shifted off into your new life and having to find them all over again. Blessed Be.

What I am wearing......
Skin Tone: Glam Affair - Jaimaca
Hair: No Match - No Waste - Blondes
Shoes/Boots: Empire Silica Pink - Former FLF (Long Past)
Head: Lelutka Simone Bento Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya Bento Update Body
Eyes: Simone Bento Mesh Head Eyes (came with update)
Nails: Maitreya system in Pink
MakeUp: Lelutka Simone Bento Mesh Head System in Pinks
Face TattooL Simone Bento Mesh Head By Lelutka Tattoo Layer 4 colored black (It's colorable)
Tattoos: I think the top tattoo is called Indian Lace and the leg tattoo is called Leg Flower (not sure as this wasn't an official blog to begin with)
Jewelry: 100 Millimeter hoops

The Pink Dress....Nameless because it's not created yet.

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