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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Answers May Come Through....

These Items Have Not Been Edited To Preserve Authentic Quality Of The Designers True Work.

Here we go again....This blog is a little different than what your use to seeing from me. It's a home decor blog which I admit Ive rarely done but I think I did a pretty good job of it for not being an avid decor blogger lol. Anyways your not here to listen to or read me babbling unless it is about the product so lets get started shall we? Sure...

First this is an exclusive item from #187# and it is found at The Darkness Chamber Fair.
Ouija Planchette by #187#.    (Wall Decor)
There are 8 different styles and 8 color choices for the eye of the panchette. They are Hud Controlled to change the color of the eye, the Panchette comes in Silver Metal, Night Metal, Gold Metal And Purple In Wood,  Gold In Wood, Night In Wood, Brown In Wood. The Panchettes eyes can be modified via HUD to show the following colors, Pink, Green Purple, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red and Turquoise. They are quite interesting piece of decor to have in your castle, gothic type house. They will for sure be a conversation piece!

Other Product Information:

Exclusive :   
#187# Ouija Planchette
100% Original Mesh
Mod , Copy
6 Wood Colors Available
HUD : 6 Lens Colors 

Event: The Darkness Chamber Fair Event
LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Secret%20Chamber/34/43/650
Marketplace: Not for TDCF but I am certain you can look #187# and it can be located on the Marketplace.
Other: This may be a little late as I have been trying to relocate without hiccups and sadly it isnt working as well as I had hoped it would but hey it's like right? Lol It takes time to iron all this junk out.

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