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I'm not on much during the weekdays as Zeke and I are traveling for his business.
I WILL be on, on Saturdays & Sundays for work as well as my classes (Blogs too), but if I'm online during the week it's due to us being at home or he's at a seminar or a meeting with developers and architects discussing business and I'm on WiFi from the hotel.
I'm finally very happy enjoying my Real Life and visiting Secondlife when I can.
Thank You For Your Understanding,
VioletCrush Bravin
VioletCrush Resident


January 1 2020. Happy New Year 2020!

January 1 2020. Happy New Year 2020!

UPDATE: Coming Changes For January 2020

As of January 2020 I'll be making several Changes.

These changes will effect the following professions and activities that I'm currently taking part within.

1.) Blogging,
I'll be making changes to, upgrading.
Also with Flickr's Limitations (I refuse to pay for a Pro Account, period) I'll be removing old photos from holidays & events.
They WILL still be available on the blog and on my Pinterest (Just not Flickr).

2.) Modeling,
I'm enrolled in an upscale Modeling agency to become updated on Modeling so that I can make a new and fresh start in Modeling with a come back that is long over due.

3.) Modeling Parent & Sibling Agencies,
K Micheals Agency (Academy) being my Parent modeling agency.
While, Audace will remain as a sister modeling agency that I'm a part of.

Both agencies have been updated on the reason for my semi retirement and it bears no effect on my current state of restarting.

4.) Other Academy Related Courses,
I plan on taking another course here in SL, that one I plan to keep quiet because of my psycho lunatic stalker who caused me to get legal representation for my blog and it's content and to upgrade to a premium account in SL to combat her mental issues.

I do hope that she has sought mental health and is doing better now, somehow how I doubt it, but we can hope right?

5.) Store Changes,
I'm in the process of changing Antisocial over to the new store name (Yes, this one is permanent as there are RL elements and sentimental reasons for this new name) to August Dream.

I'm changing over some of the previous ads so they work with the new store.

There will be a lot of new merchandise added with this store, keeping some of the older merchandising pieces and adding new.

6.) RL VS. SL,
As of lately (12/6/2019) I've been in and out of SL due to RL happenings, some good, some bad, some traditional like as it is the holidays.

Nov and Dec are my busiest months in RL regarding family (His, mine and Ours).

In the summer months I'm gone frequently because I do go with my Fiancee Zeke on some of his travels for his business and we do take trips alot in the summer as well.

Over All Out Come,
With all of these new changes I'm in hopes of making a new start with many things within my Secondlife.
It's time that my RL and SL can breathe together seamlessly.
This is the reason why I'll be making changes in 2020.

Thank You For Your Understanding,
VioletCrush Bravin
VioletCrush Resident


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Romance Of Glam In Sequine And Pink

Annyeonghaseyo μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš”
Konnichiwa こんにけは
Nǐ hǎo δ½ ε₯½
Kumusta po kayo

I do RAW shots without editing when showcasing an item or using an amazing background I've purchased or created myself for a blog set and these need to be seen in TRUE LIGHT. The only editing are the lighting, and the environment that was laid out for the scene. This photo is untouched by a photo editing program! 

Details about this gorgeous gown....

 free gift-1 for shop & hop event at 50% discount
On The Updated Maitreya Mesh Bento Body V5.1 complete w/bug fix

I'm wearing:

Gown: Son!a-Edge Cannes vendorHud Red

Wrap: Son!a-Edge Cannes vendorHud Fur Stole

Jewelery: Son!a-Edge The only one Jewelry set velvet box

There is a Materials HUD 

Gown Sizes Are As Follows:
What Mesh Bodies Does This Gown Fit?

Belleza Isis Natural & Freya Natural
Slink Hourglass
TMP Legacy

More Information ......
And the fur stole?
Standard sizing of Small, Medium and Large

Auto-Hide Information...
This Dress Style has Auto alpha / auto hide activated Wear your mesh body Hud to Automatically Apply

Advanced Lighting must be on to see the effect showing in pictures
press ctrl+p then choose graphics 
quality: set to ultra
Ambient occlusion: check
Advanced lighting: check
Atmospheric shaders: check
****all the rest: check

shadows: Sun/moon + projectors
Avatar shadows: complex
sequin button must be ON
sparkles are optional: you have 3 styles A - B - and C
you can turn them all ON or OFF
 the sequins bling Style has already light source and wearing too much may result in very strong light that may disturb people around you, BUT it would make wonderful effects in pictures and videos.

Beast and Cleavage Informations....
Son!a-Edge Dubai Dress
to see the lovely details in the middle of the chest area 
cleavage value must be set to 0
appearance ---> Edit shape----> torso ---> Breast cleavage = 0

The HUD so you can see options 

Thank you for looking at my blog, it's greatly appreciated!!
Peace & Love
Kamsahamnida (κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€)
Domo arigato (γ©γ†γ‚‚γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†)
Xièxiè (谒谒)
Thank You!

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