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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another contestant right here on Miss Virtual World Tonight Is......Naarnisse By AZUL

-AZUL- Naarnisse /Sugilite (MVW2014/MissSpain)
-AZUL- Naarnisse Topaz (MVW2014MissSpain)(Limited100)
-AZUL- Naarnisse /Peridot (MVW2014/MissSpain)
-AZUL- Naarnisse /Pearl (MVW2014/MissSpain)
-AZUL- Naarnisse /Onyx (MVW2014/MissSpain)
-AZUL- Naarnisse Mandarin (MVW2014MissSpain)
-AZUL- Naarnisse /Jade (MVW2014/MissSpain)
-AZUL- Naarnisse /Gold (MVW2014/MissSpain)
-AZUL- Naarnisse /Garnet (MVW2014/MissSpain)
-AZUL- Naarnisse /Amethyst (MVW2014/MissSpain)(Limited MP)
Shoes:N-core ETOILE "Black" BOXED
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Cicily Texture Change Jewelry Set HUD
Hair:D!va Hair, don't remember what one >.<
Skin::[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Lyala ] - [ Mystic sunkissed ]
Eyes: pc eyes classic - Calm Sea

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