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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Last Days Of Sugar

Outfit:SUGAR - Nekrotek Jacket - BLACK & SUGAR Zipper Micro Mini Skirt - BLACK
This jacket also comes in the following colors (Not Shown)
SUGAR - Nekrotek Jacket - PINK
SUGAR - Nekrotek Jacket - RED
SUGAR - Nekrotek Jacket - WHITE
Shoes:BAX Regency Boots Black Leather
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Orion FEM Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack
Skin::[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Lyala ] - [ Mystic sunkissed ]
Eyes: pc eyes classic - cosmic dawn

My SUGAR Blogging days have come to a close, as it is coming spring and will soon be summer I need to let some of my blogging schedule go to add some new and allow myself the ability to come and go during the warm season of Spring and Summer as I enjoy both and it seems like they are both ever so short these days.

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