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Saturday, April 26, 2014

My love for fabulous dresses Part 1

Ok, so my husband always said "Honey, you have a knack for amazing dresses but the problem is your closet is getting so full I'm going to have to build you a room that is a personal walk in closet just for your gowns". Lol, He's probably right, he probably will have to build me a closet just for my gowns. Giggles, that's alright he teases me all the time about that but he doesn't mind at all because that means hes got his hot wife looking amazing anytime we go out dancing. His words, not mine. It's nice to know your a trophy wife but what makes it better is when the trophy is loved and cherished. I know that I am loved very much by my darling husband, I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyway's back to these gowns I will show you some more of my beauties. I swear I'm Azul Crazed, but how could you not be? These dresses are simply divine!

A Rainbow of choices, which one would you choose?
Lol, now you know why my closet is bursting with fabulous gowns....I simply can't decide on a color!

-AZUL- Esmeralda /Amethyst (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)
-AZUL- Esmeralda /Champagne (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)
-AZUL- Esmeralda /Emerald (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)
-AZUL- Esmeralda /Garnet (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)
-AZUL- Esmeralda /Gold (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)(Limited_100)
-AZUL- Esmeralda /Onyx (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)
-AZUL- Esmeralda /Pearl (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)(Limited_MP)
-AZUL- Esmeralda /Topaz (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)
-AZUL- Esmeralda /Turquoise (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)
-AZUL- Esmeralda /Catseye (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)
Shoes:N-core 21ShoeEvent- Cuore Special Edition (Black&White) (Black was worn)
Ascessory: -AZUL- FlowerHeadDress/Hunt for JapanFair2014
Hair:Magika [01] Wait
Skin::[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Lyala ] - [ Mystic sunkissed ]
Eyes: pc eyes classic - Calm Sea

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