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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Forever Is Infinity

It isn't everyday when you come across a love like ours. Zeke and I have known one another in real life for many years. I corrupted him and brought him into SecondLife and shortly after we partnered. Zeke is a very understanding, loving, caring and romantic man. Zeke is someone that after 3 real life years and 6 SecondLife Years I'm honored to call my husband and my partner. I simply must say that Zeke is the part of me that has been missing. He keeps me in line and loves unconditionally lol even over looking some of the silly things that I've done and gotten myself into. I do not have him fight my battles or dig me out of holes I've found myself in before...I'm the kind of girl that cleans up my own messes and handles my own problems unless they cut me down to the bone then I go to him needing his loving and caring embrace to pick me up off the ground which has happened many a time, but I always manage to figure it out on my own with his pick me ups. Knowing he is just an email away assures me that he will be there for me when I am in need or needing a pick me up. Being in his arms is the only place I ever long to be. When he comes in for me I know that I'm loved and I appreciate this man and all he does for me and just because he is himself, he doesn't lie on who he is, he doesn't pretend to be someone he isn't and he doesn't keep secrets from me or anyone else. Zeke is quick to tell you that he will ALWAYS go home with me, he isn't afraid to acknowledge that I'm his and I don't have any issues acknowledging that he is mine. Zeke and I are soul mates. I will never give him up for no one. He is my everything and I am his everything. Thank you Zeke for loving me for who I am and all of my imperfections you are truly an amazing man and I'm honored that you chose me to be your wife, I want to Thank You for 3 amazing years, I look forward to many more!
                     Zeke, I will honor you to from forever to infinity... I love you!

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