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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

This is an explanation as to why I am so slow with SL things this month.

This blog is going to explain my very slow blogging process for May.
Please allow some patience here due to the fact that I am grieving the loss of one of my best friends and brother (we adopted one another many years ago as brother and sister. We are not blood family but you do not have  to be blood  to be family and that we have been for 41 years). So please be kind and understand I am not blowing anyone off with my blogging but I am having a hard time dealing with Eric's death.

This is a photo I took from the crash site. Where the crosses are....If you go behind them the drop that falls off into a strip mining lake is just behind them. Their car came off the roadway and flipped over onto it's side and slide down that incline into a flooded out lake.

This is a memorial graphic I edited in his memory for his friends and family. We are all using it in honor of Eric and the loss we are suffering from his passing.

This is our beloved Eric we lost Monday night at 11:30 PM. My you RIP my brother, I will miss you and love  you! #HeartsFlyHigh

This is another photo I took from the crash site. Where the crosses are....If you go behind them the drop that falls off into a strip mining lake is just behind them. You can see where the trees have been broken off, the car broke them off. As you can see the incline better in this photos and as their car came off the roadway, flipped over onto it's side and slide down that incline where the trees are broken and off into a flooded out lake.

Not sure how one persons life can get so screwed up in a period of 90 days but mine sure has.... I decided that I wanted to move out of the place that I was living in (I am still there temp, just waiting for the place I applied for an apartment to call me then I am gone). After I announce that I was going to move to my mom and her boyfriend of 20+ years he then becomes ill of pneumonia and passes due to complications with his heart and pneumonia. So now my mom no longer wants to reside in her former boyfriend house, which I can understand...The Ghosts (no not like apparitions, ghosts of ones past). So she applied to the apartment building that she wanted into and got in. She mentioned to me that maybe I should go to that one, I'd get in faster she thinks...And who knows I might do that. Well after his passing all hell breaks lose his children are fighting right and left over who gets what and where is my inheritance. They keep trying to bring my mom in as a middle person and I keep telling them it's not her issue please leave her alone and let her grieve without your bickering and fighting. So while were packing our belongings up to get the fuck out of Dodge...Yes I dropped the F-Bomb but you will understand more on why in just a few minutes which will also explain the photos in this blog.  From March 26th 2017 through April 2017 My mom has been on a roller coaster from hell and she can't seem to jump off because shes being pulled in so many directions by his children and I have been trying to be the mediator to save her and then it happened....
May 1st at 11:30 PM there was a car accident with 6 friends in the car. We are listening to this over the scanner (yes, my mom and I have police scanners). We hear of a one car roll over out on the Walmart edge of town, during this wreck we are having some pretty massive rain storms producing alot of water on the roadways and grassy areas, so much to a point that the rivers are busting out of their seams. I live in Illinois in the United States on the Illinois River so when she bursts out of her seams your in for one hell of a flooding period and we are flooded clear down through Missouri. So this wreck we figured was due to alot of water standing on the roadway with no where to go and I am sure this was a contributor but not the initial cause. Well we don't think anything of it because we never heard anything more about the wreck....Until Tuesday. I get a phone call at 5:30 in the morning waking my household up. This phone call was to contact me that one of my closest friends and someone I considered as a brother was killed the night before at 11:30 PM....The very same wreck we were listening to. He and two others were found dead at the scene and the other three were taken by life flight to various hospitals in the area with non-life threating injuries. So the photos above are for my dearest friend and brother Eric who was killed instantly in that fatal crash on Monday night. They were heading into town, they had been drinking and the rumor is that one of the backseat passengers was arguing with the driver and grabbed the steering wheel thus turning the car off the roadway into the grass in which the car then slide due to the standing water and flipped onto it's side and off into a strip mining lake. I am still in dismay of this and heartbroken because we had plans for us to all get together after I was moved and hang out...Which will never happen now. I will promise Eric that if the guy in the backseat is the cause of this tragedy when he arrives in Hell he WILL answer to me and I will not play nicely, he will regret dying. Eric's services will be this weekend (Saturday) which I will be in attendance along side his girlfriend.

This song by Blood On The Dance Floor came out the very next day....Good timing and the song suits Eric and I along with many of the other people involved in this Fucked Up Family Of Misfits.

Thank you to Davhie who <3 my comment to his new song on YouTube, you are awesome! 

Eric would have loved this song. RIP Eric Morse, My Bestie and My Brother, Peace Eternal Bro <3


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  1. Oh so heartbreaking dear. Much love to you and yours on the loss of your dear friend.


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