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Friday, June 9, 2017

1/8/2017 LOTD - Random Blog!

NOTICE: I'll be doing some blogs this weekend as this week has been another one of them upside down deals around my Real Lfe, go figure. My life will be a YOYO until I am fully moved and not living out of boxes. I've been packing and I've been busy many days where I've come home and fell into my bed and sometimes I've been able to get on SL but only if I am not wicked exhausted. I'm ready to move and get into an apartment and get things settled down and sorted out and back to both Real Life and Second Life. Plus I am also really excited to start my Real Life Business but I wont launch anything with that until I am moved and settled in because I dont want to start it and just seem to have abandon it. So for now I kwill be rather slowish but rest asured I will get the blogs done, when real life is fucked up so is everything else especially Second Life lol. People don't stop and realize that their Real Life DOES effect their Second Life and the impact is very different than expected. Which is one reason that I am glad that I don't life in or through Second Life and that for me Second Life is a hobby and escape from reality where I can be who I am and do things that are impossible in Real Life. They fantasy of Second Life is absolutely fascinating and the allure keeps me in SL.

First of all this is showing you the Alpa Block Outs for the skirt I am wearing in this Blog. Along with the Alpaha Blocks you need to make a back up copy of your shape because this is NOT a Maitreya fit skirt so you will need to edit your butt, hips and possibly your leg muscles and if you elect to have a belly of some sort you will have to sink that to 0. 

A Little Back Story On The Outfit & Overall Look:
This outfit is an outfit I've put together with several pieces from several creators, most if not all of the items shown in this blog was purchased off of the Marketplace. The socks I had a slight problem getting because Marketplace was being it's usualy charming self screaming NO SHOUP FOR YOU! but the really sweet creator AriannaThePrincess was on it as soon as she could get inwolrd to resend the items I'd purchased that SL wasn't allowing me to have. I've used a couple of iktems of her's in this blog. She makes applier clothing for mesh bodies. I had alot ofl fun creating the look and it looked BITCHEN' in the club last night so Hi5! Here is what all I used to create the look in the photos this way you can create almost the same look.

This is how it looks on your avatars body...And it is DAMN SASSY!

No we will go on forward with the outfit and over all look.
As you will notice there are many photos, why you ask? Well, I wanted to show the makeup, the facial piercings, hair, shoes, jewelry and the outfit where you could see all of the items well enough that way if you seen someone on an avatar you like and it is a listed item in the "What I'm Wearing" part of the blog you can purchase it and have a general idea of what it looks like on an avatar.

Now for the rundown of items that created this awesome look!

"What I'm Wearing"

Outfit: .:D2:. Pentagram Bralet & .:D2:. Striped Stockings *REDELIVERY*                                            To this I added the Maitreya Lara Panties (Black) and the *Lifebringer 241  ~ Beach Skirt Iridescent Colours HUD (NOTE: this is not made for Maitreya Lara Mesh Body HOWEVER it is worn on Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. You will have to adjust your butt and your Hips on your shape so MAKE A BACKUP COPY always when editing your shape(s). Then you will have to edit your alpha on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body HUD  to work with the skirt)
Shoes: :: D-Style - Geena Platforms w.HUD :: Sadly Delirium Style is no longer inwolrd producing urban wear anymore, I was shocked to learn this. I liked DS they were awesome!! I wish Cristel Moran the best in both worlds, real life & Second Life <3 I wish the Delirium Style Team (Models & Management) happiness and new paths in Secondlife <3
Jewelry: 125~ Ysoral ~~  .:Set Luxe Ring Lynna:. Maitreya 4.0, ~Black Arts~Spiked Pentagram Belly Piercing, -TCH- Penta-Hoop, A Pentagram necklace from one of my new fave jewelry stores in Second Life ,**RE** NOX Pentagram Necklace 2.0, **RE** Rebel Pentagram Bracelets BOX 2.0, ^^Swallow^^ Ears Silence BLACK (Gacha Item) & ^^Swallow^^Angel Bite Piercing Black (Gacha Item)
Tattoo:  None worn
Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Shape: Created by me exclusively for me however if youd like a shape please send me a notecard and you and I can work together to create the shape of your dreams, this is not a free service.
Skin: None visible - -Glam Affair - Cassia - Jamaica
Skin Tone: Glam Affair Jamacia Skin Tone
Makeup: amara beauty - Powder Pack LeLutka JUNE 2017 - Amy The lipstick is from alaskametro<3 "Sheer Gloss" lipgloss
Head: LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.7
Hair: Exile - Palace - Blondes

Event: In regards to Powder Pack....Powder Pack is like the Luxe Box Monthly Subscription Box...I will be finding more of these and looking into them because with Powder Pack and Luxe Box I have been every happy with both. So to participate in both subscription boxes it's 3K a month. There is one called Bish Box and I think there is another one called Pandoras Box that I will also be checking out in the coming months but I will also be investigating to see others and how they are and in what styles. I've been invited to participate in one that I will need to contact the owner for a few questions I have that are still lingering and if I get the answers I need with anwsers that are fair I may opt in to participate in it. I'll keep you updated on that though.
LM: Too many slurls to list
Marketplace: Too many to list
Other: If you have eyeballed any of the above products and have been considering the purchase my suggestion is... If You Want It....GET IT!

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