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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Another Rare In The Gacha Collection Pool Of Mine, Randomness for fun

Outfit: =Zenith=secret agent Jacket (Black)-Maitreya - RARE
Shoes: Was a part of a gacha (but I bought the Gacha as a full set from the Marketplace)
Jewelry:  ^^Swallow^^ Ears Silence BLACK And ^^Swallow^^Angel Bite Piercing Black
Tattoo: None
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 (Used Classic Maitreya Hands as Bento would Mess Up The Gloves)
Makeup: Lip Stick is from Glam Affair (Powder Pack) - Glam Affair - Barbara ( LeLutka Applier ) Powder Pack June
And the Eye Makeup is from the Deesses Boutique: LeLutka - Black Line set (5 models) HUD
Eyes: Are Lelutka Mesh Eyes For Simone Bento Mesh Head
Head: LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.7
Hair: Exile - Palace - Wildcards
Event: None
LM: None 
Marketplace: None
Other: This is just another random blog that I have done and it is from the Gacha Rares Edition, this is a RARE and it is a full set. I didn't go hog wild with this set as  the black one was my favorite one so I stopped with the purchase of the full outfit from the Marketplace. I purchase ALL of my complete sets from the Marketplace. 
I must caution you, if you purchase from the Marketplace you can get taken and purchase empty boxes so if you do decided to purchase Gacha sets please make sure that you have a seller/buyer history with that Gacha Reseller, I have a few I shop from. One of them is Imperial Darkness Designs (ImperialDarknessDesigns Resident) I have met with her and purchased directly from her as well as purchased alot of items from her on the Marketplace. THere are several others that I purchase from that I have been doing so for several months but I have a box from and Item that I bought from her earlier today so shes the one that I can name presently. Maybe I'll do a Tab in my blog that lists credible Gacha Dealers that I purchase items from (keep in mind that if I do, do this it doesn't mean he or she will have the item(s) you seek it would be a list of safe Gacha Resellers only and not promoting any products.

If you'd like me to do a blog tab on SAFE MARKETPLACE GACHA RESELLERS Let me know in the comments and I will make an attempt to do that as long as it will offer some help to protect buyers.

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