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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Welcoming The New Year, 2019 In A Little Early With My Husband Zeke

I hope that each one of you had a blessed Yule Or Christmas!
I was blessed this year some really amasing people. From my husband to our children. Tati came to us first and Hwan came to us just a matter of months ago. We love both of these kids to the moon and back and beyond. They are the best kids we have ever had the pleasure of calling ours. Teenagers aren't that crazy afterall!! We have a grandson and w have grand-twins on the way from our son and his lovely wife Hwa and we are all excited! WHo would have ever thought that I would be a gramma? Not I but I am happy to call myself gramma....Now we just need to get tati with someone special so she can give Zeke and I grandbabies too! Maybe that will happen in 2019, we can hope!
As promised, I said I would do one more blog for 2019 and this is it. This is in combination our celebration of Yule/Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day/Night as Zeke has some RL business to attend and he will not be able to be in SL for New Years Eve or New Years Day/Night. I wish he would be able to but it just isn't possible and I understand that. I'm thankful for the time I do get with my sweet hubby. So lets close 2018 up and get ready to start a new year with new possibilities and more!

As A Reminder....
So RL and SL are fully balanced now and in sync with one another.

I may login but not be at my desk which hasnt changed in the past year it still stands true. Sometimes I may not even login. Sometimes I may login from my cellphone. It just depends.

I love to play and mess around in Second Life but I enjoy my Real Life more than I ever have in the past now. It's amazing how a couple of changes can impact ones life so positively or negatively. I'm thankful that there isnt alot of negativity in my life anymore and that the positivity flows so easily now, it is a relief and a treasure. 

Let's get into some yummy bloggy goodness, shall we?

The Items that I am wearing
⊱The Hair Is.....TRUTH VIP Joy - Blondes

⊱The Outfit Is......:-AZUL- Melinda [Rev] /Morganite


⊱My Jewelery......Alienbear's ( Sakura Wishes necklace JRF 2011)
*elise* - Jewelry - Margherita BENTO 

⊱My shoes are......:KC:. MAIA PUMPS - SLINK, MAITREYA, BELLEZA MEDIUM FEET (I went for a little bit of that retro 80's pump look for this outfit)

⊱My eyes are.....Izzie's - Tokyo Eyes (lights) in Purple
Availability is plentiful.

⊱My Mesh Body Is.....Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Availability is plentiful.

⊱Hands and feet are from Maitreya
Availability is plentiful.

⊱Nails are....CAZIMI: Adrianna Nails - Pro Palette (was a former FLF Deal)

In RL I don't tend to over do on my makeup anymore, like I did a few years back, but when I do I wear expensive makeups like Urban Decay and Kylie Jenner Products. It would seem that I mirror this in Secondlife as well now (all but the Designer lable cosmetics lol). I'm more about ehancing ones natural beauty by using minimal amounts of makeup such as lip color, sometimes Blush, Eyeliner and Lashes. In recent years in SL I wore tons of makeup, now I only do occasionally.

⊱My Eyeshadow is....[MLC] Black Cat Wings Eyeshadow  & Liner Omega Applier

⊱My Lip Color Is.....CAZIMI: Glitter Lipstick - Warm (FLF)

⊱My Blush Is.... System Mesh Head Blush

⊱My Lashes Are.....From my head HUD

⊱Tattoo is (Not seen within this blog but present).....The tattoo that isn't seen on my back is one created by me. It's "Too Fast Too Live Too Young Too Die" An actual tattoo by a singer that I absolutely love. He's wicked sexy and one hell of an amazing man, but I will stop here and not gush over him.

Seems that RL has changed more for me as I was once about just clothing and makeup that looked good and now its all about designer lables. I am stuck stupid on PeaceMinusOne merch and I LOVE IT! Adidas, Nike, Fila and Starter in sneakers & Socks (Just to name a few) I love my sporty wear in clothing And I buy Urban Decay Makeups, Kylie Jenner Makeups. I wear dusters and I have several really expensive outfits that if I do go somewhere I need to be very dressy I can do it easily. Fashion and style is in my real life too, not just in my SL. I can do the crazy with the casual, sporty, dressy and formal relitively easy. How I chhose what I wear? If I see something that I like then yes, I will purchase it, price isn't an object for me. My parfume is even designer but I've worn Elizabeth Arden's Red Door, Giorgio Beverly Hills Wings and Chloe is created by perfumer Betty Busse and Released in 1975 when Karl Lagerfeld was the fashion house’s designer...I've worn these fregrences for years and still wear them today, love them! What can I say I am a true Import whore in RL and I'm not changing for anyone, I love the style.

I hope that you will find this blog helpful when creating your own look and its styling to aid you in yours.

Enjoy your day or night!

Passion, Fashion Straight Up Passion
-- Kwon Jiyong 

⊰Patiently Awaiting The Flowers To Bloom Again⊱
⊰Waiting on the floral pathway until whenever!⊱

I'll see you in 2019, happy New Year and New Years Blessings to Everyone! Make sure you have a hella awesome New Years Eve adn Day but make it a safe one. I hope all of your New Years Wishes come true.

See you soon!❤

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