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All of your sponsors provide you with a logo for you blog.
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If it doesnt load due to you using a different viewer
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Now you have learned what a blogroll and
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It's That Time Of Year Again, Hurricanes & Tornados
Keeping in mind that it is seasonal to have severe
storms regardless of me being home in Florida or
back home in Illinois.
If I will be gone for a week or so, I'll do vacation on
sponsors as Zeke and I do travel in the summer months.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Photo Hosting & Flickr HACK You Need To Know About!!


Sorry, this blog is more so educational than visual. This is something we need to make available to ourselves and fellow Bloggers, Photographers, Models and everyone in between, so please read the contents and share this with your friends, family, bosses and co workers because this is something that is available to benefit us all, we just need to recognize it and utilize it.

Let's Get Too It Then Shall We? Let's!


As we know in the coming days that if you don't have a paid account with Flickr you will be grandfathered with only a 1000 photo storage limit. Why should we pay to upload our photos when we haven't had to do so in the past 10 years or so?

Many will cease to blog due to this as it does take the wind out of our sails. It actually takes the fun and love of editing amazing photos away from us. Others will simply pay to have a "pro" account to have unlimited posting and a few other amenities that really aren't worth the cost that your paying for the ability to do this.....

Some don't know where to look or for that matter feel they shouldn't have to look around for a hosting site that will give you a highly regulated upload allotment or unlimited storage. Don't know where that is or where to go or look?

What if I told you it's been under your nose forever and you didn't even realize it?


 I know right!

Well, it has been right under your nose and you are likely using it for favoring photos online with real life things such as recipes, favorite bands, singers, actors, actresses, home remedies, makeup and Fashion!

There are a slew of other uses but this was just to name a few and to show how generalized and popular it is....

This site is used through out the day and night on the internet and the traffic is always flowing!

The accounts are FREE with unlimited storage!

You will have to upgrade an existing or make a new account for the purposes of Secondlife and then you will have to upgrade the account to a FREE business Account to upload your "pins" which is ultimately your photos.
You can comment on them and others can follow, share and comment on your "pins".

I'm still learning the functionality of the site myself so I don't know all the functions you get with the account but you do get ton's of tools at your disposal for your "pins".

You can link your Instagram and YouTube Account to this if you do any form of Vlogging.

Facebook doesn't allow anyone to connect using your account like they use to with Instagram, Twitter and Flickr.
No idea.

With this site you can add your blog to it as your personal site. You can also look into the Overview and watch your boards, pins, tries & followers!

And you can also track ALL of your Analytics.
You also have UNLIMITED uploads!!
And the best thing of all it is all FREE, everything you can or want or need to do with your Secondlife photos can be done on this site all for FREE!!

Now, before I tell you this site I need to clarify something.
Since I do not do porn, erotic photos or anything that could be considered as R-Rated or X-Rated you might want to read the community standards before uploading them as they may not wish for that type of content being posted on the site since there are so many ages popping onto it.
So in short...Don't be an asshole and just do as you damn well please READ before you post!
I mean seriously, all it takes is one asshole to ruin something good for us people who truly enjoy the ethic of blogging and fashion related photos.
To be honest, I really hate seeing that type of photos being posted on threads where children can view it, I find it disrespectful and tasteless.
Have class and not enjoy being so crass!

Now, for us normal people who wish to share our work and art with others...
That site is simply....Pinterest

There are no tags to be used like on Flickr, but it depends on the type of category you choose when uploading it. Public Pin Groups, etc.

I hope that this will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling and the sense that you have conquered the 1000 Photo allotment that will be taking in effect January 1st, 2019 on Flickr.
My goal with this is to give you another tool to help you with your blog promotion so that you have a way to continue that creative outlook and be able to continue doing what you love to do no matter if photography, Modeling, Blogging, Cheerleading, just having fun with Friends or just love taking and editing some really amazing photos.

If the photo is magical and makes you feel good then you have a place to share it for FREE and unlimited "pins".

Happy Snapping and your life just got easier..... Your Welcome!

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